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The Bauducco history started back in 1948 when Carlo Bauducco traveled from Italy to Brazil and brought his family’s original Panettone recipe along with a precious piece of sourdough.

Four years later, with the help of his wife and son, he opens their first pastry shop in a traditionally Italian neighborhood in São Paulo. The Bauducco Panettone is officially born and became a staple in the Brazilian families’ tables. Bauducco Panettone has always followed the original family recipe from Italy: the finest ingredients, the original dough with natural fermentation and 52 hours of dedication for each Panettone.
The original Panettone box was created in 1965, to protect its moist and freshness, and the same design is still used today by the entire category.
In 1978, Bauducco products traveled to the US, marking the first international endeavor of the traditional brand. The first international branch of the Bauducco brand was inaugurated in 2005 in Miami, FL. Today, Bauducco is sold in more than 50 countries.
The 90s
Bauducco changes its visual identity to the iconic red logo and the yellow background, which became synonymous with tradition for families everywhere.
Bauducco is part of the largest manufacturer of baked goods in Brazil and the largest producer of panettone in the world, Pandurata. Pandurata's main market categories include Panettones, Biscuits, Cookies, Toasts, Cakes, Mini Cakes and Chocolates. Pandurata has always associated with great brands that offer quality products. In 2001 it acquired the Visconti factory in Brazil and Io-Iô Crem. In 2008 Pandurata signed a joint venture with Hershey's and also took over the distribution of the Ovaltine products in Brazil.

Currently, Pandurata owns one of the most advanced industrial parks in Latin America, including 12 wafer production lines and the largest line of toasts in the world. Its almost five thousand employees are distributed among five plants. With twelve subsidiaries and seven distribution centers in Brazil, Pandurata supplies to more than 150 thousand points of sales.
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